Happy 10th Birthday Inspire!


We have a gift for you all, and we really hope you like it. ....*drumroll*...

Welcome to your new home.

// INSPIRE IS ON THE MOVE // Pictured above is the big, bright and beautiful centre located at 1/82 Bellingara Road Miranda. Soon this place is going to be buzzing with creativity, as it becomes the new home of Inspire Creative Arts!

// FEATURES // The property is a standalone gem, in a safe, peaceful and private area (just 5-7 minutes from where we currently are!)! Our neighbours and surrounds include a nursing home facility, pre-school, Bellingara netball courts and family residential dwellings. The centre boasts 3 x newly renovated, beautifully lit and air conditioned studio rooms - with the largest one spanning 15 metres in length (oh the fun that will be had in here!) Facilities include a reception entrance and waiting area for parents, 2 x toilet amenities, staff room and kitchen, and 3 x offices (one which will be converted into a multi-use area for high school students to hang out in during class breaks - I mean - do homework in!) We have an onsite parking lot, and a lovely front lawn to welcome you in. The building is set back off the road and lined with trees; it is a very safe space for pick-up and drop-off. And as you can see from the images, you'll most likely never have to drive around the block for a car spot again! The image below is how the site looks currently, but as you can imagine there is a fair bit of work and landscaping to be done to tidy this up for our launch - as well as replace those signs with 'INSPIRE'!!

// WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US // This expansion means so many things for the Inspire community:

No Waiting Lists! We'll have the capacity to provide duplicate lessons, and keep our class sizes at a comfortable amount. Expanding our Services With increased timetabling space, physical space, and a talented staff team with so much more to offer, we will be able to host new programs and dream up new ideas and creative experiences for the Inspire community. Fulfilling our Vision Capped space = a capped vision! We will finally be able to enact areas of the Inspire vision that we have not been able to due to limited resources. This will be a process as we move, adjust, and find our feet in a new environment - but we are so excited to see the ways in which we can continue empowering young people and families in our community through the creative arts.

#INSPIREEXPANSION Follow our progress and updates in the lead up to our launch at Bellingara on Facebook and Instagram, under the hashtag #inspireexpansion We are excited to have you along the journey with us, as we take the leap and begin a new adventure. We will endeavour to do our very best to keep communication clear on all the logistics of transitioning, however these things can occasionally be a bumpy ride! So should you have any questions or queries along the way, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

Happy 10th Birthday Inspire, and we hope you enjoy your gift :) Much love, Jemma and the Inspire Team.

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